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Luxury with a Conscience

We just love candles, but we care about our environment too, so we only use 100% natural Eco wax. Combine that lovely wax with beautiful fragrances, and it’s a just a perfect mix. We also recycle glorious antique cups and other perhaps quirkier containers, wherever possible!

Glorious, warming scents

As it’s  early days for our candle business which is based in Cupar, near Saint Andrews in Fife, we are only selling our 100% natural soy wax candles in three fragrances at the moment, but more will follow. You can choose from fabulous Ti Adoro, the more subtle Earl Grey & Cucumber, and the new arrival, Rose.

Made in Fife, Scotland

All our candles are hand poured here in Fife, and I just love trying out new containers. My favourites are the antique coffee cans, gold and silver travel tins in various sizes, and of course, lovely glass in lots of shapes and sizes. I’m working on some little heart shaped tins - tea light size - which would be perfect for wedding favours!

Breaking News!

Velvet Rose and Oud!

And hot off the press- our newest product! Now available . For all those that love Jo Malone, this is a Jo Malone type fragrance, in a reed diffuser! Lovely Velvet Rose and Oud! What’s not to love. Let me know if you’d like to know  when and where it’s available to buy. Or buy now on line.

Candle Making Assistant!

 Candle making can be a lonely business, so I’m lucky to have a constant loyal friend. Lilly - shown here on the right, with her sister, Lola, is my shadow. She never criticises, is always impressed with my efforts, and is delighted to join in a snack at the end of a work session. Perfect!

Fife Farmers Market

WE’re delighted to have been accepted into the Fife Farmers Market Group, and we will be introducing our need diffusers at St Andrews on 4th August. With the glorious Jo Malone type fragrances, Earl Grey & Cucumber, and Velvet Rose and Oud, we think they are a great addition to our ranges. £20 for 100ml size, and £12 for 50ml size, , should be a favourite.

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