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Scented Candles for your wedding

 So, the venue is booked, the caterer is sorted, the flowers are planned, but something is still missing. The flickering light that only a candle can bring to your table display, with the perfect fragrance, in an elegant luxury glass of your choice.  

Which glass?


 Wehave a huge range of glasses to choose from. It might be the glorious gold glass shown, or maybe you like the elegant black glass, in matt or gloss finish, or maybe the simple purity of white glass in matt or gloss. Perhaps you’d prefer clear glass, in a cube shape. Or new, electroplated copper, gold or silver. You choose. We provide

Then the fragrance


 We have many different fragrances readily available - Jo Malone inspired Earl Grey & Cucumber, Velvet Rose & Oud, Lime, Bsail & Mandarin, Molton Brown inspired Scottish Rose & Rhubarb , Be Braw, with notes of Be Delicious, or maybe Dior inspired J’adore, or the simple, classic Rose fragrance.

And what about bespoke labels?


 Do you want labels on your candles that are part of your big day? Maybe the initials or names of the bride and groom? Maybe something with a tartan theme? We can do that!I 

What now?


If you are in or near Fife, we’d be happy to arrange an appointment to meet to discuss the various options, and plan your candles. For a small fee, to cover mileage, we can come to your home or your wedding venue.



Prices start at £15 per candle, plus delivery to your home or the venue 

For more information, return to the Home Page and send a message with what you need. We look forward to helping you create the perfect day!

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Wedding Favours?

We recently had the pleasure of making 120 tea light candles in tiny heart shaped tins for a lovely bride, in her choice of fragrance ( or actually, her Mum’s choice!) and they were fantastic. She chose to have an ink-stamp with their initials on the lid, rather than a label, and it looked amazing!